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Acquiring a classic or vintage motor vehicle is a very special, exciting and should be a pleasurable experience. You'll certainly be making a substantial investment.

Before rushing for your hard earned cash, It's important to make the right decision and invest wisely.

Every year, without fail and acting on impulse and excitement, the unsuspecting purchaser will buy their dream motor vehicle, without expert advice.

Discovering only too late, it's not the vehicle of there dreams. Behind the mirror paintwork, glossy photos, stunning chrome and shiny interior it can be your worst nightmare.

An Elite Inspections independent pre-purchase inspection report and valuation will assist you in making an informed decision, based on the vehicles actual condition, not what is alleged by the seller.

If you already own, or about to purchase a Classic or Historic Motorcar, you will want to know that it is adequately insured. In the event of a total loss situation our vehicle report and valuation can assist you to get back your hard earned cash.

We can inspect anywhere due to having nationwide coverage. In fact, in this day and age with the internet and nationwide magazines you will quite possibly be interested in purchasing a classic or vintage car that you haven't physically been able to see due to distance etc. We can inspect the vehicle for you and have digital images sent to you instantly showing you every aspect of the vehicle and also any concerns we may have (ie. scratches, wear, damage etc). We can also arrange international inspections. Please ask for details.

We aim to inspect within a 48 hour period. You will receive immediate verbal feedback as soon as the engineer has completed his inspection. The written report is usually received within 1-2 working days. We can also e-mail the report for speed.

The price is tailored to each specific vehicle as the inspection needs can vary dependent on age, make etc. A lot of our competitors you will see have a 'set prices' page offering cheap but very basic inspections that are highly likely to miss really important information, especially with regards to classic and vintage vehicle inspections, and the reports they provide are very basic with no personal verbal communication between customer and engineer. As we are so in depth it is normal for us to find enough evidence to be able to go back to the seller and negotiate a lower price therefore covering the price of our inspection.

BEWARE! A lot of inspection companies have contracted engineers who have little experience, lack of equipment and lack of liability insurances etc. This can be dangerous and costly. We want to stress that customers should be extremely cautious and be assured that we can provide documents to assure our validity etc.

Although we don't claim to be the cheapest inspection company, the service that you will receive will be second to none. From the moment that you call you will be assigned a personal engineer with whom you can communicate freely through the whole process and at the end will receive a full detailed and much more personal verbal and written report. And customers can feel free to contact us at anytime for further advice after the process is complete.

We inspect classic and vintage cars being sold by both private sellers and garages. We can also inspect at the weekend or evenings. You can be present when we are inspecting the vehicle.

All our vehicles are subjected to a Vehicle Data check (HPI check) . If you are wondering whether you should put a deposit on the vehicle prior to inspection then your personal engineer will discuss the best option with you.

We can also negotiate on your behalf . Some customers naturally feel uncomfortable negotiating with a seller over the purchase price. We are more than happy to help you with this process.


Classic Car Inspections
Classic Car Inspections
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