Elite Car Inspections


What is your success rate?
Our past successes have been proved by the fact that in all our trading years 99% of our cases are settled prior to court and that we have not lost a single court case yet. We will be honest. If we feel after our inspection that you would be unlikely to succeed in court we will tell you to avoid further expensive actions being taken.

Can you help with negotiating?
Yes. As independent arbitrators it is our job to try and solve your specific problem/dispute to avoid the need to progress as far as court.

When will I receive the written report?
Usually within 5 working days. Again this may vary depending on the specific case.

When will I receive feedback?
You will receive immediate primary feedback. It maybe that the engineer has to do some more investigating or research after the inspection has taken place. You will be advised of this by your engineer.

How long does it take for inspection to take place?
We aim to inspect within 48 hours.

Why choose us?
A lot of inspection companies will promise that they can help you with problem cases. These companies deal mainly in pre-purchase inspections and can have contracted engineers with little experience, no relevant equipment or even no liability insurances. Also they will normally only inspect in a basic visual nature. This can be dangerous and costly. We want to stress that customers should be extremely cautious and be assured that we can provide documents to assure our validity etc. Although we don't claim to be the cheapest inspection company, the service that you will receive will be second to none. From the moment that you call you will be assigned a personal engineer with whom you can communicate freely through the whole process and at the end will receive a full detailed and much more personal verbal and written report. And you can feel free to contact us at anytime for further advice after the process is complete.

How much does it cost?
The price is dependent on each personal situation. It depends on which type of inspection you require and also can depend on what you need the report for (ie, legal action, expert witness reports etc). Your engineer will be able to give you a quote once they have received relevant information from yourself.

What is the process?
If you feel that you don’t know where to turn and have tried other avenues then please call us. We can help. We will get an experienced engineer to speak to you. The engineer will listen carefully to you situation and from the information will be able to give you some free

independent advice on what to do next. If the engineer feels that an inspection is the best course of action then he will explain exactly what your specific inspection would entail and how we would proceed. This is your own personal engineer who will be available for you to speak to throughout the process.

Do we have nationwide coverage?

How can I pay?
We accept payment by switch, visa, mastercard, BACS and international transfers. Our staff can arrange payment over the phone.

Can you negotiate on my behalf?
Yes. Some customers naturally feel uncomfortable negotiating with a seller over the purchase price. We are more than happy to help you with this process.

Should I put a deposit on the car prior to inspection?
Your personal engineer will discuss the best option with you.

How do you know the car is not stolen, has finance on it or has been in a serious accident?
All our vehicles are subjected to a Vehicle Data check (HPI check)

Can I be present when you are inspecting the vehicle?
Yes, of course.

Can you inspect at the weekend/Evenings?

Do you inspect cars being sold by a Private seller as well as Garages?

Do we have nationwide coverage?
Yes. In fact, in this day and age with the internet and nationwide magazines you will quite possibly be interested in purchasing a vehicle that you haven't physically been able to see due to distance etc. We can inspect the vehicle for you and have digital images sent to you instantly showing you every aspect of the vehicle and also any concerns we may have (ie. scratches, wear, damage etc). We can also arrange international inspections.

How long does it take for the inspection to take place?
We aim to inspect within a 48 hour period.

When will I receive feedback?
You will receive immediate verbal feedback as soon as the engineer has completed his inspection.

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