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Agricultural Pre Purchase Inspections

Purchasing an agricultural machine is a significant investment for any business, and can be a stressful experience with the potential risks due to the large sums of money associated with investing in any used agricultural vehicle. In many cases machines are purchased at distance, making a personal viewing difficult or impossible due to either cost, distance or time constraints.

Before making that commitment to investing your business’ hard earned money, it is important to know exactly what you are getting. This includes knowing the full specification as well as the condition of the machine. 

With over 10 years’ experience working for mainstream agricultural manufacturers, an Elite Inspections independent engineer will visit the machine on your behalf and produce a pre-purchase inspection report. This will assist you in making an informed decision, based on the vehicles actual condition, not what is alleged by the seller. We can also advise you on a guide price in comparison to the sellers advertised price. In addition to this we offer a vast knowledge of known problem areas and manufacturer upgrades/rectifications that may be relevant to the machine you could be considering buying. We will email images highlighting any concerns directly to you, giving you the opportunity to see exactly what our inspectors are looking at. We thoroughly interrogate the vehicles history leaving no stone unturned.

We have specialist testing equipment enabling us to carry out more advanced vehicle health checks in addition to what is usually possible for buyers. Where available we will endeavor to have the vehicle tested on a dynamometer to ensure you are getting exactly what is advertised. This also enables us in most cases to detect if there is engine tampering present, which can have a detrimental effect on the longevity of your desired purchase.

We are also able to offer independent advice on new or second hand fleet deals, ensuring that you get the correct specification machines, and that the deal will offer you the best value for your investment. Our long industry experience places us perfectly for offering this independent advice. 

We are also able to assist with negotiating the best price for individual and fleet transactions to ensure you get the best value to suit your budget.

We aim to inspect within a 3 day period. You will receive immediate verbal feedback as soon as the engineer has completed their inspection. The written report is usually received within 1-2 working days after the inspection through email. 

Our services are available nationwide, and further afield if required. The price of an inspection is tailored to each specific vehicle as the inspection needs can vary. 

We inspect vehicles being sold by a Private seller as well as Dealers. We can also inspect vehicles at the weekend or evenings. If you would like some additional expert advice, but would still like to see the machine yourself, then you can be present when we are inspecting the vehicle. 

All our vehicles are subjected to a Vehicle Data check (HPI check). If you are wondering whether you should put a deposit on the vehicle prior to inspection your personal engineer will discuss the best option with you.

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